How To Do UK Cottaging Legally

gay doggers uk
gay doggers uk

Cruising is an act a little similar to dogging. Dogging is people having sex in a public place, often in a car. Dogging also involves people watching and even joining in at times. Cottaging is a little different.

Cottaging is generally defined as two men having sex in a public toilet. The fact of the matter is that having sex a public restroom is technically illegal in the United Kingdom. It is banned under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, which bans public sex between both straight and gay couples. However there is still the potential to have public gay sex legally.

While the Sexual Offences Act 2003 may criminalise having sex in a public restroom, it does not outright say that it is illegal to have sex in a public place. This is why dogging is more of a legal grey area and is sometimes overlooked by the police.

When it comes to cottaging there are special places known as cruising grounds. Cruising grounds are areas where gay men and straight people are allowed to meet up and have sex in public as long as they stay away from the public.

Cottaging obviously comes with a number of risks. There are the sexual risks of course. The person is a complete stranger. Always practice safe sex and request that they use a condom. You should also use a public bathroom out of the way. Try and find a public bathroom that people rarely use, and go there at a time when no one else is likely to. If you are spotted by a member of the public you do run the risk of being reported.

If you are arrested you may end up being convicted, which leads to a prison sentence or fine. Even if you are just cautioned you may end up getting a criminal record because it is a sexual offence. You’ll have to declare that you have a criminal record, and what the crime is, whenever you are subjected to a criminal record check.

The fact is that, unfortunately perhaps, you can’t legally engage in sex in a public bathroom. If you need to have the full cottaging experience and do it in a bathroom then you need to pick one out of the way to reduce your risks of being caught.

Be safe in everything you do as well. Even though you don’t know anything about the person you’ll be having sex with, you can arrange a meeting using a trusted platform like a website. There are websites with people who are just as interested in cottaging as you and they can be trusted.

Remember that cottaging comes with a legal risk. So don’t take any unnecessary risks. If you’re that worried about being caught it’s best to not do it in the first place. If all you want is to have sex in public then you can just go to a cruising or dogging site.