Step-by-Step Guide to Gay Dogging

gay dogging uk
gay dogging uk

If you’re interested in gay dogging then you might be unsure where to start. There’s a fair bit to know before even getting started after all. The following is a step-by-step guide to get you started.

  1. Find a Location

There are a few ways you can find a great dogging group and meet friendly people who will help you get started. Your best bet is to search online or try and find a gay doggers site. Remember to use your common sense. Find an established group with a history that you can trust.

  1. Understand The Rules

There are a whole host of dogging rules, with some that are essential for beginners. You need to be polite to the other people and be patient. You should also be aware of the laws in your area regarding public sex. Remember that dogging is a generally anonymous activity. If you recognise someone there do not use their name or even yours. Treat everyone as if you don’t know them. You are usually allowed to film the sex but if you’re asked to put the camera away please do so. Finally don’t be stupid and ask a policeman if they want to join in. They aren’t likely to show up at all but if they do stay calm and courteous and, above all, don’t be stupid.

  1. Understand Dogging Signals

As well as understanding the rules you also need to be aware of some signals. The main one is that you can only watch if the interior light of a car is on. Don’t look in to a car if the light is off. Some people just enjoy having public sex and don’t want others to watch. If someone is flashing their lights they are looking for other doggers. If the window is halfway down then you can participate in oral sex. If the window is all the way down you’re allowed to touch the people inside the car. If the car door is open then you are welcome to join in provided you get permission to do so.

  1. Prepare

When you find the right group and you have all the rules in your head it’s time to prepare. First of all you need to be clean. Have a shower or a bath before the session. You should also pack condoms just in case. If you plan on being a participant (someone having sex) then you definitely need condoms. Everyone involved practices safe sex and going bareback isn’t allowed.

  1. Enjoy

Don’t forget that you’re there to have a good time! When you do go to the meeting remember to have fun. You can either watch or participate. If you’re just getting started then watching for the first few times to fully understand everything is recommended. When you understand everything more you can start joining in.

Remember that no one is going to try and make you do something you don’t want to. They also expect the same courtesy from you. Get permission before doing anything and respect the privacy of people who don’t wish to be watched. Gay dogging can be a fun and thrilling experience, as long as people follow the rules and let everyone else have a good time.