A Guide To Gay Dogging Rules

cottaging for men
cottaging for men

Dogging is a grey are as far as the law is concerned and in that respect, goes beyond the scope of this article. In recent years, in certain countries, the attitude to dogging has become much more relaxed. But even while participating in such activities, there are very specific rules to follow. These are made to ensure the safety of all participants, so it’s extremely important to keep these in mind before you hop in the front seat of your car. Some rules are made to be broken, but these are not. The following is a guide to gay dogging rules.


The first and most important rule to wear rubbers. Using condoms isn’t 100% effective, but it’s the best thing that we have. Wearing protection will help prevent the chance of contracting any sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies.

No Children Should Be Present

It’s needless to say that having visible sex in a parked car can invite the attention of an unsuspecting passerby, which can be unavoidable in certain situations, but it’s important to keep your eyes peeled. A child walking in on dogging episode can be traumatic for everyone involved, so make sure that does happen.

Don’t Touch, Unless Invited

In the passion of a dogger episode, a spectator might want to be included in the engagement, which is totally okay in certain situations, but only when it’s clearly outlined that it’s okay to participate. Unless there has been an invitation to join, we need to keep our hands to ourselves.

“No” Means “No”

We’ve heard it a thousand times before and we’ll hear it a thousand times again, but if a participant is not comfortable with an action, do NOT try to talk them into it. Nothing ruins a romp more than someone being too handsy, so remember the golden rule.

Stay Anonymous And Honour Anonymity

After and during the episode, it’s important to honour the anonymity of everyone involved. Do not compromise the privacy of fellow doggers. Do not use the activities against others and do not use it as blackmail.

Respect The Property

Nothing will get us in trouble more than getting caught dogging on private property. Avoid private property at any cost. Whilst dogging in a public location, it’s important to express respect for the surroundings. Destruction and desecration of public property can only lead to issues.

Clean Up After

It’s generally polite to clean up our own messes. All used condoms should be hidden in a paper towel or the wrapper it came in, and disposed of properly (a.k.a. in the trash can). Don’t be a jerk and make someone else clean up. Don’t leave a mess and don’t leave any evidence.

Obey Traffic Laws

The overall rule to follow is: don’t bring attention to the party. Disobeying traffic laws is a sure way to get caught. Don’t park where you’re not allowed. Do not park on public property. Do not make fellow doggers vulnerable to being noticed.

Before diving into the world of Dogging, keep these rules as a guideline to all behaviours. Proper behaviour can make or break a very fun situation, so always remember to be courteous to others’ wants, needs, and desires.