Gay Dogging Demystified

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gay cotaging uk

A lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about gay dogging. In fact it seems only the people involved in the act understand it properly and don’t have an overly negative opinion on it. The following aims to really look at the question of just what is dogging and explain things in a way that leaves you understanding the people who enjoy it, as well as what really goes on.

What is Dogging?

Dogging is an activity primarily enjoyed by gay men. It’s outdoor sex that often takes place in cars. Some people just enjoy the act of watching rather than actively participating themselves. Doggers are just people who enjoy having no-strings-attached sex and they don’t mind sharing the fun with other people.

Is it Something Every Gay Man Does?

One of the most common myths is that it’s something every gay man does. The fact is that this isn’t true at all. Some gay men like doing it and some don’t. Even some straight people like participating. It’s by no means an exclusively gay experience that every gay man enjoys. Remember that everyone has their own unique tastes and things they enjoy.

Does Anything Go When Dogging?

Another common myth is that it’s some kind of anything goes sex show. There are dogging rules and etiquette that everyone involved is expected to follow. There are separate rules for the people having sex and those watching. Common rules for people just entering the scene are that they need to use their common sense and they need to be polite and patient. Watchers are expected to be hygienic and carry some condoms just in case. They also have to ask permission to join in. This isn’t some kind of free for all orgy. Participants are also expected to stay clean and understand what the other person is willing to do. Don’t try and take things too far and always wear a condom. Bring extras just in case.

Is Dogging Unsafe?

Dogging is considered by some to be dangerous. There are definitely some dangers associated with it, but not nearly as many as you think. You are always going to be taking a risk when you meet up with strangers in a secluded area, so only deal with a group that has a reputation that you trust. Be aware of your surroundings and always exercise caution. You should also always, always, bring protection. Everyone involved practices safe sex and wears condoms at all times. If you don’t have a condom you definitely can’t join in. There may be some legal or physical danger but the risk of STDs or things like that is minimal.

Dogging is a commonly misunderstood thing. Most people hear the words “public sex” and can’t move beyond that. Anything that involves public sex must be something terrible. The truth remains that people involved in the act are always safe, are always cautious, and will look out for each other. Everyone involved understands the risks and does their part to minimise them.