Gay Cottaging And Gay Dogging – What’s The Difference?

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gay cruising uk

The terms “Cottaging” and “Dogging” are UK-specific terms that are used to describe having sex in public locations. These oddly sounding terms may bring forward a lot of questions, but don’t worry – these acts have absolutely nothing to do with cottages or canines!

Both of these terms refer to sex in public, but they serve to be extremely different sexual acts. Although these acts are extremely illegal, they can prove to be an extremely satisfying experience for the participants.

What Is Gay Cottaging?

Cottaging refers to the act of having sex in a public bathroom. This term was coined as exclusively homosexual sometime in the 1960’s and now serves as a double reference to gay sex. The orgins of this oddly worded term leads all the way back to the Victorian area when the word “cottage” was used to refer to the bathroom.

Now the term mostly refers to modern English bathroom stalls that somewhat resemble the shape of a cottage. The most common usage of cottage-like activities is the ever popular “Glory Hole”. If the term “Glory Hole” is new to the reader, it refers to a hole that is drilled into the divider of two bathroom stalls, which allows the two participants to engage sexually without ever seeing the other’s face.

Cottages are typically in very public places with a large amount of traffic and great chances of being noticed like shopping malls, dance clubs, and railway stations.

What Is Gay Dogging?

Dogging refers to the act of two or more individuals having sex in public locations, with the goal of being watched by voluntary spectators. This act usually takes place inside of a vehicle that’s parked in a parking lot or a city park. Typically, a couple will have a romp in their car while people stand outside the vehicle and watch or touch themselves.

Dogging is very much like watching real-life porn through the windows of a vehicle, rather than a computer screen. More often than not, this act has more to do with the thrill of being watched rather than the thrill of having multiple partners at once, but in some cases, the spectators are included in the activity.

The rumor says that “Dogging” refers to the idea of someone walking their dog in a public park and accidentally encountering a couple who’s having sex. Dogging websites have popped up all over the internet, where a couple can post the location, the time, and the vehicle in which they will be engaging in.

Interested candidates have access to this information, so they can meet the couple and watch them. This has proved to be a new sex craze that is taking Britain by storm and many committees have been formed to put a halt to this public indecency.

What’s Is The difference?

The similarities between these two terms are obvious, but although they exist within the same realm of sexuality, “Dogging” and “Cottaging” are two extremely different activities. “Cottaging” refers to the act of having sex in a bathroom, virtually away from the public view, while “Dogging” refers to having sex with the specific goal of being watched.

Depending on the participants’ preferences, diving into the world of public sex can be a very satisfying experience.