Experience The Joy Of Sex Outdoors

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It’s a secret desire for many to make love in an unusual location. We use the term ‘unusual’ because it refers to places way beyond the realm of the bedroom. There is a world full of sexual experience outside the front door! Public sex has been around since the beginning of time; it was captured and portrayed in ancient Greek and native illustrations from all over the world.

Public sex refers to sexual activity taking place in a public location or visible range of a public location (like a window). Videos have been popping up all over the internet of couples getting caught “doing the dirty” in an inappropriately public location (like a baseball game or a bus ride).

While we don’t necessarily condone breaking the law, the experience of having sex in a public location is one that cannot be forgotten easily. Certain locations can make the experience thrilling and exciting while some make the experience calming and serene, and the amount of pleasure you receive will be different in both situations.

Thrilling And Exciting Locations For Sex Outdoors

There’s absolutely nothing like the way the heart beats when we think we’re about to get caught doing something naughty. If the thrill of public sex isn’t enough, these following locations can seriously get the blood pumping. With the possibility of getting caught at any moment, the shopping mall is an extremely exciting place to have a romp.

Part of the fun will be walking around the mall with your partner, scoping out semi-secret locations. Another great location is the movie theater. With the dimmed lights and loud movie, sitting all the way in the back of the theater will lessen the possibility of getting caught, but there’s still a chance of an employee or fellow movie-goer taking notice.

The last thrill location is a public bathroom. Although it’s not necessarily the most sanitary of locations, it can prove to be the most exciting. Trying to keep the noise at a minimum while people are free to come and go can prove to be very pleasurable.

Calming And Serene Locations For Sex Outdoors

Imagine making love to the sound of chirping birds and the sun shining down against your skin. Serene locations can produce serious feelings of euphoria and relaxation, which can cause both partners to have the sexual experience of a lifetime.

The first euphoric location is a thick, woody area (no pun intended). Have the full natural experience by having sex in the woods! Any forest or national park will be a perfect location for an outdoor experience to remember. Another outdoorsy location is a public or city park. Use a park bench or set out a picnic under a tree; either way, it’ll be fun and relaxing.

However, it’s important to make sure that there are no children around to witness the act (for obvious reasons). The last and most exotic location is the beach. Sex on the beach is about as romantic as it can get. Make sure to bring a towel to cut down on sand getting in locations that it shouldn’t.

Like they always say, “location, location, location”; your environment can make and break your sexual experience. With these exciting and thrilling, calming and serene locations, anyone can have an outdoorsy romp of a lifetime.