Who Else Wants To Know What Is Dogging

what is gay dogging
what is gay dogging

Dogging is an interesting activity. There’s a lot more to this than people think. As such you might be curious about just what it is. On a very basic level it is outdoor sex. It is when people have sex in a semi-public area. It’s generally done in a car with other people watching. There’s a little bit more to it than just that though. The following is a more in depth look at just what the whole thing is all about.

Dogging is a kind of voyeurism or exhibitionism. While it usually involves two people having sex in a car there are sometimes more people involved. Two people having sex can quickly become group sex or even a full blown orgy in some cases.

Participants will send clear signals using their car to tell you if other people are allowed to join in, if they can just watch, or if they can’t even watch at all. That’s right; not everyone involved in dogging is interested in being watched. Some people just have fun having public sex in a car.

Dogging is slowly becoming a little more accepted in society. Nowadays when police run in to people engaging in the act they are a little more reluctant to get involved. They may just ensure that people are being safe and then go off on their way. This doesn’t mean that it has become magically accepted. Plenty of people still have major issues with the idea of public sex in general, never mind organised public sex.

It’s also important to note that the term “dogging” covers outdoor sex in general. It’s not just outdoor gay sex. While it’s mostly single men that participate some women do get involved, as do some couples. If you’re interested in exclusively gay outdoor sex then it’s worth finding a site that only deals with gay people or has a gay presence.

Dogging is a way for complete strangers to come together and have some no-strings-attached sex. It’s a way to have sex with people. It is generally anonymous too. Even if you recognise someone at a site you should never acknowledge them and they will also return the courtesy. Not everyone at a site will join in either. Some are just there to watch.

Voyeurism is a fetish that is a little difficult at times to fulfil. It’s obviously difficult to watch people having sex in a safe and legal way. Dogging presents a way to do that. If you’re interested in watching people have sex, or having other people watch you having sex, then you may have found the answer for you. It’s not completely legal but it is far less of a legal grey area than other ways to act out on a voyeurism fetish. Everyone involved knows what is happening and tries to stay safe.

There’s a lot of information on dogging out there. Be sure that you’re reading from reputable sources and getting real information about it. Thanks to the negative opinion there are a lot of trash articles about it. So deal with the facts and discover the truth for yourself.