Dogging Questions Answered

dogging uk gay
dogging uk gay

Dogging is an extremely social activity. It’s important to remain courteous to others, there are certain rules that need to be followed, and there are a few things that will keep everyone happy. This strange sexual preference can breed a lot of questions like: “What is Dogging?” “How can I find fellow Doggers?” “Is Dogging for me?” and “What if I decide that I don’t like it?” The following text will provide answers to all of those lingering questions.

What Is Dogging?

This is the act of a couple having a sexual exchange in a vehicle while people stand around and watch. It usually occurs in a parking lot or in a public park, where anyone could accidentally witness their hanky panky. The thrill for the spectators is much like watching porn for some with the exception that it’s occurring in person, instead of on a computer screen. As for the couple who is engaging inside the vehicle, it can be an extremely fulfilling experience to feel watched. The origin of this UK specific term is said to come from the idea of someone accidentally encountering a session while walking their dog in the park.

How Can I Find Fellow Doggers?

The internet is a vast and wonderful place! There are many websites dedicated just to connecting Doggers for a little joy ride. The internet is primarily where you’ll find participants, schedule meet-ups, and discover locations of other sessions. Specifics about touching and participation, as well as stop and go signals, can be discussed before the arrival, which can save a lot of awkward feelings.

Is Dogging For Me?

This preference has features of both exhibitionism and voyeurism. Exhibitionism refers to the sexual pleasure one receives by the idea of being watched while voyeurism refers to the pleasure from watching. These are two very common fetishes and many people who fantasize about it often feel ashamed of it. It’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. If this is something that seems sexually appealing in fantasy, it could be fulfilling in real life. As long as the proper measures are taken, Dogging is nothing to be afraid of. Make sure to take every safety precaution possible, maintain open communication with the other participants, and only do what feels comfortable.

What If  I Decide That I Don’t Like It?

It’s completely normal to get cold feet. It’s acceptable to stop in the middle of a session. It’s not accepted for someone to push themselves on another Dogger. It’s acceptable to verbalize what is and isn’t comfortable. It is not acceptable to put hands on an unwilling participant. The freedom to leave should always be available, despite the circumstances. Make sure to have designated “stop” and “go” signals. Everyone in the dogging community is aware of the discomfort of a newbie and no one is going to force anyone into doing anything.

Hopefully, we have answered any questions that may be looming over the concept of Dogging. It can be a genuinely fulfilling experience once done in a proper manner. It’s important to always bring protection, always be courteous, and always have fun.