The Best Dogging Positions

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Dogging can breed a lot of questions like, “How does it work?” or “What type of positions are useful?”. It can be difficult enough for a couple to engage in the car, but when the visibility of spectators is an issue, picking the right position can be a problem. In the world of dogging, there are so many different ways to have a good time and such a variety of positions to enjoy ourselves. The following are the best sex positions for dogging inside and on top of the car.  Naturally, all these positions can be adapted between two men and also between a man and a woman.

Positions In The Car

  1. The Classic Recline: This position takes place in the front seat, either in the passenger or driver’s seat, reclined all the way so that it’s nearly laying down flat. The man is positioned top with the woman on the bottom with her feet on the dashboard.
  2. The Cowgirl: This position takes place in any seat in the car. The man sits with the woman on his lap, straddling him with her legs.
  3. Backseat Mambo: This position takes place in the backseat. The woman may have to spread her legs and rest them on the floorboards, depending on the size of the car, as the man in positioned between her legs in a missionary position. The man will have to work around the position to ensure that the spectators can see what happened.
  4. Back to Front: With the woman position in the front seat and the man positioned behind her. The woman will back herself against him and have sex doggy style in the space between the seats.
  5. Reverse Buckaroo: This position takes place in the backseat. The man sits in the middle of the backseat with his legs spread wide. The woman sits on his lap, facing the front of the car, and rests against his member. The woman can use the front seats as leverage.

On the Car

  1. On the Hood: With the woman lying backwards on the hood, the man stands at the front of the car and between her legs. This is ideal when there’s a little more privacy with a lot more spectators.
  2. Wraparound: This position is similar to the prior position, except the woman is sitting upright on the hood. She wraps her legs around the man’s waist.
  3. Wheelbarrow: With the woman lying face down on the hood, the man lifts up her legs so that she resembles a wheelbarrow. From that position the man enters her from behind.
  4. The Bridge: The woman lays back on the hood with the man between her legs. Usually, the woman will be pulled to the edge of the hood so that her bottom is hanging off. She will have her legs in the air so that her heels will be resting on the men’s shoulders as he enters her. He will support her backside with his.

With positions inside of the car and outside, these positions will definitely ensure an exciting time. Use these positions cautiously and practice dogging safely. Always use protection, always be courteous to others, and always have fun.