6 Best Practices For Gay Dogging Etiquette

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doggers gay uk

Despite the anonymity, Dogging is an extremely social activity. All participants are vulnerable in one way or another, so it’s important that everyone involved feels %100 safe. Although the word “safe” usually wouldn’t go along with the words “public sex”, but in the case of a Dogger, there are very specific rules we must follow. Otherwise, we’ll be kicked from the voyeur circle. The following are the Six Best Practices For Gay Dogging Etiquette.

Communication Is Key

Although it can sound a little corny, communication is the key to success. Communication is the only way that everyone can feel comfortable. Be aware of everyone’s limitations and only do what’s comfortable for everyone. We must be honest with our partners about our aspirations, fears, and goals for the Dogging session. It’s a good strategy to set up a signal that says “let’s get out of here” when someone feels uncomfortable.

Safety Precautions

These safety precautions don’t only refer to condoms (which should always be worn to prevent STD’s etc.) but there are certain procedures we can take to ensure personal safety. As a couple, make sure to lock the doors before the spectators gather. Hide all valuable items from view and turn off all lights before you enter the designated location.

Leave The Engine Running

Although it sounds a little odd, it’s proper etiquette to leave the engine running during the Dogging session. If there is any chance of trouble, having an already revving engine will shorten the amount of time it takes to get out of the situation. Just make sure to check the battery every so often, because nothing can ruin Dogging session more than a dead car battery.

Don’t Block Anyone’s View

As a voyeur, it’s important that everyone conveys a general respect towards one another. One way  to show your respect is by being courteous to the people that are standing around you. Don’t stand up against the window. Allow the right-of-way to people who were there first. Also we’re sorry to say that the taller participants should always try stand in the back, so that we can see around you.

Don’t Call Too Much Attention To The Group

As a Dogger, too much attention can be a bad thing. It’s important to remember to be discreet so that no one gets caught. Sound tends to travel remarkable distances while in the park. Stifle your moans of passion so that they’re not too audible. The thrill of almost getting caught is one thing, but actually getting caught is another – avoid it at all costs.

Don’t Be A Jerk

Being courteous of others is the most important rule. Don’t be rude or selfish. Don’t make anyone uncomfortable. Don’t push yourself on anyone. Keep the wants and needs of others in mind. All-in-all, just don’t be a jerk (no pun intended).

Remember these 6 best practices for dogging etiquette: Have solid communication with partners, take every safety precaution possible, leave the engine running, don’t block other’s views, don’t call too much attention to the group, and lastly and most importantly, don’t be a jerk.